Thursday, March 4, 2010

So you think your sh*t don’t stink?!

A couple of nights ago, I mentioned a newly discovered miracle of modern science – Poofdrops.   After seconds of agonizing internal debate and after Kelly @ Dare To Be Domestic asked the age-old question, “Should one’s poo really smell like Japanese Mint?”, I had to find out.

Poofdrops are on the way!  Clinical trial is about to begin.

I’m so excited!

For those of you who weren’t here for this exciting, Nyquil-fueled discovery, Poofdrops are tiny toilet drops that supposedly take the eww out of poo.

(not my jeans - my jeans would be WAY cuter)

The Poofdrops testimonials are riveting…

“Poof is a staple in the actor trailers on the sets in Hollywood" - Anonymous, Hollywood, CA

This has GOT to be from Nicole Kidman’s assistant.  Nicole was probably all “Tom Cruise dumped me because I kept clogging the toilet with my giant stank dumps and he said I was shitting all my thetans away.  Maybe if my thetans smelled like Japanese Mint, he would love me again.”

"Poof is like no other bathroom product on the market!  It has helped me remain anonymous in the bathroom...especially at work!"  - Sasha, Honolulu, HI

Anonymous in the bathroom?  This makes me think that poor Sasha has previously been picked out of the proverbial “poo line-up”.  Tsk tsk.

According to the website, “Poof's original scent, Japanese Mint, was researched and developed to emit a subtle, fresh and clean aroma that will take you to a far away, exotic land.”


Clinical trial parameters: one participant (n=1) unless the Boy wants to participate too.  From what he tells me, he may want to carry around a case or two of this to quash the aromas emanating from the clubhouse bathroom (in which case n=~50). 

Clinical trial questions:

(1) Does my poo smell of Japanese Mint?

(2) What does Japanese Mint smell like? (like poo?)

(3) Does the subtle, fresh and clean aroma of my poo take me to a far away, exotic land?

Clinical trial endpoint: My shit don’t stink.

Stay tuned.


  1. I can't wait to hear about this.

    When did it become passe to light a match?