Saturday, March 20, 2010

How to not lose to a cat in the NCAA tournament pool

Every year, my brother puts together a family pool for the NCAA basketball tournament.  No money, just fun and bragging rights.  Everybody mother and father, my brother, his wife, his 3 kids, the Princess, the Boy and my brother's cat.

Now you may wonder how the cat makes it's picks.  I'm not quite sure about this myself.  My brother says it has something to do with purring and picking all the low seeds.

Regardless, up until today, I was getting my ass handed to me by the cat.

I like to take a more scientific approach to my picks.  One year I chose based on superior mascot, another year on locations that I would most like to visit.  My mother, I think, choses her teams based on "prettiest uniforms."

This year it was all about the coin-flip.

I flipped a coin for every pick.  Heads for the higher seed, tails for the lower.

And I'm in second place bitches!

Granted this probably won't last long.  The coin decided unwisely that Robert Morris was going to the final four.

The coin says "Go Xavier".

The cat is goin' DOWN!


  1. Way to go! Kick that cat's ass!

  2. Love it.

    Have you been playing "Fug Madness" over at too? I came in last place (out of 15 or so people) in our office March Madness tournament last year, so I didn't even bother this year. Too ashamed.

    But, yeah, fug madness is pretty fun.

  3. Yeah umm I picked Kansas to win and it looks like that just all just all got shot to hell!

  4. RN Mama - Am now whooping the cat and the Boy. It's a good day.

    Lou - Wasn't aware of Fug Madness. Pretty damn funny! Thanks for the tip!

    Jessica - You and half the poor thing.