Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Honey, It Ain't from Target Tuesday (and exciting poo-related announcement)

I’m spending this Tuesday on a few things that I have happily added to the closet recently.  Clothes make me happy and Tuesdays make me grumpy – so I’m hoping the clothes outweigh the Tuesday.

I bought these Vince pants on a whim in January.  They kind of have that low/saggy/harem-ish looking crotch thing going on – which I am adamantly opposed to – but I bought them in a smaller size and the saggy (“I took a dump in my pants”) thing went away.  (This is not the poo-related announcement.)  They’re great fat/skinny pants.  The elastic waist makes them perfect on ‘fat days’ and the black cargo style make your ass look bitty.

(Vince Cargo Pant $185) 

The Boy bought me this bracelet after watching me practically lick the jewelry case in the J Crew store.  I love it paired with my Timex military watch, jeans, a t-shirt and ballet flats.

(J Crew Large Crystal Colletto Bracelet $68)

Speaking of ballet flats…these Lanvin flats are quite possibly the best shoes I’ve ever owned – and the best Christmas present EVER.   I wear them constantly.  The ankle strap keeps the shoe from having a tough elastic band that cuts into your heel and looks cute with cropped jeans.

(Lanvin Ankle Strap Ballet Flat $565)

I mentioned my obsession with Me & Ro jewelry a couple of weeks ago.  When I was in Miami last week, I stopped by their very tiny, very cute store in the Shore Club on South Beach…and I walked out EMPTY HANDED.  First time ever. 

Very very sad.

BUT, here are a few pieces that I have purchased there on past visits which make me very very happy. 

Me & Ro pieces (2, 3 and 4) from Miami
Silver Tiny Hammered Disc Pendant – 28 inches
Silver Square Earrings
10k Gold Band with Heart


Poofdrops are in da house!  Clinical trial about to begin!

Clinical trial readiness phase – eating bran and Activia.


  1. Yes - Minty Fresh POO!

    I could never pull off those pants but they ARE cute! ox

  2. I want everything. Thanks for posting. xo

  3. Please post a picture of how you wear/style those Vince pants. I'd end up looking like MC Hammer if I tried to wear something like them.

    Can. Not. Wait. For. Poo. Trial. Hah!

  4. 2legit2quit those pants...I wonder if they would look good on me....?I like em

  5. LOVE the pants..and they dont look harem scare'em to me at all. And I love that bracelet too.

  6. Hi. I am your latest follower from a late friday follow. You have such a unique blog here, and i cannot wait to read up on it.

    When you are free, stop by at www.safehomehappymom.com to check mine out as well.


  7. Lou - I'll do that...maybe next Tuesday! :)

    Safe - Thanks! Haha..."unique". My home is not really safe and only moderately happy so I'll be over soon!