Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Super excited about putting brown sauce on my dog

I'm getting my bag ready for my trip to Milwaukee or Minnesota tomorrow.  Now that I know some stuff about Milwaukee and/or Minnesota, I'm pretty excited.

Here's what I've learned so far...

  • Milwaukee may be near Canada.  We are still unclear as to whether or not Canada is a state.
  • Milwaukee has many drinking establishments and cheese.  I'm not sure if you can actually drink cheese at said drinking establishments.
  • There is water.
  • There is an art museum and, therefore, "culture".  I think the art museum just houses the city's beer can collection.
  • Milwaukee is clearly not the Morman place because it has booze and caffeine and its not warm enough to ride a bike year round.
  • It's cold.
  • Milwaukee has brown sauce.  Nobody really knows what brown sauce is but I'm told that people put it on their dogs.  I am assuming that this means hot dogs, but, given the part of the country that we're talking about, that may be an incorrect assumption.
  • Milwaukee Ale House is THE place to go for booze, cheese and brown sauce.
  • FabuLeslie wants to marry her cheese.  Don't judge.  Frankly, I think that she and her cheese will have to settle for a civil union.
Milwaukee = phallic meat, cheese and beer in elf cups.  Fabulous!

Candice - this sausage is totally your chainsaw dude

I'm ready!  I'll let you know what I find up there and if all of you are just full of shit.

On a completely unrelated note...

I have been totally delinquent in thanking somebody.  Elle over at "A" for Effort ("B" for Blog) graciously tried to give me an award a week or so ago.  I'm not really an award-y person, but I love Elle for doing it anyway and for saying that she was still cool if I didn't 'do' awards.  Thanks Elle!  Go check her out.  She's way sweet and has some very interesting stories to tell.

On another completely unrelated note...

C Bellabell has come up with an really interesting idea.  She has started a blog called "Dawn to Dusk: a day in the life".  The concept of this blog is for you to submit an accounting of one day in your life.  Through this site, you will be able to live a day in somebody else's shoes, somebody in a different culture, in a different income level, with a different job, with kids, without kids, and so on.  Given the breadth of bloggers and blogger experiences out there, I think this idea is fantastic and I can't wait to see how it develops.  For guidelines and instructions on how to submit, go to Dawn to Dusk.  And to top it all off, Cbella is donating all profits to Habitat for Humanity.

See you in Milwaukee...or Minnesota!


  1. While you're there, if you want, you can get on a high-speed ferry which will take you across Lake Michigan...where you can meet yours truly! Just a thought. If nothing else, you can just go to the beach in Milwaukee and wave to me across the water. That will probably do.

    I've been to Wisconsin, it's a lot like Michigan, but cheesier.

  2. Thanks for the bloggy shout-out, Jane! I will have to invite you to the ceremony when I marry cheese. Be it civil or otherwise.

    The phallic meat thing is too much. When I lived in Las Vegas, I didn't have a blog yet, but I did have fantasies of being a writer (I've had those all my life. I know. My fantasies are kinda lame.). Anyway, in Las Vegas, when I was in grad school, I used to say to my grad school buddies that I wanted to write a book about all the phallic symbols in Las Vegas. If you're reading this, go ahead, steal my idea. I dare you. As much as I want to write this book, I'd love to buy the book too. It's all for the sake of the product, ya know? It's not about the process. Or me. Oh wait... I'm confused. It would seem I have attention problems even without the caffeine. All I wanted to say was there are lots of phallic symbols in Las Vegas too, and at least there, you can gamble and see shows, and you might not get intestinal distress from the phallic symbols. Well, at least most of them.

  3. Good luck in Milwaukee!! Said drinking establishments may very well have drinkable cheese. Liquified cheese is very popular in these parts for things like nachos and cheese fries and tubular meats smothered in cheese sauce. Here in Minnesota, the weather is unusually cold and rainy and miserable for spring. Sadly, Milwaukee should be about the same. So, you're coming at a GREAT time of year! ;-)

    Thanks for the shout out even though you don't do the award thing. You're awesome!

  4. I'm so glad you listened when I said drinking and cheese. You never know when you meet new blogger friends, what is "safe" to talk about and what is not. Whew.

    And yes, I've always wondered about that, why is meat always so damn phallic shaped? It would be really cool if you saw some phallic cheese because cheese is never shaped like a penis and I think penis shaped cheese might be a total hit. If anyone is bound to have phallic cheese, it would be Milwaukee. Snap a pic if you find some.

  5. I know you arent an award kind of gal.but you have to come see my last post! I think youll like it!

  6. That part of the country used to be the only place you could find Vernor's ginger ale. Maybe you will be lucky.

  7. Considering my almost dysfunctional love for cheesy hot dogs, I might have to visit this weiner wonderland. See how I made that all sound dirty?
    Thanks for the nod on Dawn to Dusk. I got started with an entry from Italy this morning!

  8. You said booze? I like Milwaukee! Booze makes everything great... so Milwaukee would be just great!!!

  9. You should work for the Wisconsin tourist board. I was totally sold at phallic meats and cheese.

    Love the blog, hope you dont mind, I added it to my blog roll.


  10. Passing an award on to you. Not spam. Promise