Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm kinda here, but I'm kinda not and will somebody please tell me where the hell Milwaukee is

I've been completely scattered.  The Princess is camping with her 5th grade class for the week - all week.  I ran into a friend yesterday and, in response to her comment that I looked stressed, happened to mention this whole camping thing and that I wouldn't be able to talk to my child all week and I was completely crazed by this concept.  This woman, who has 3 kids, looked at me like I was nuts, shrugged her shoulders and said "lucky".

I'm still scattered, but now at least I'm laughing and scattered.

Oh, yes...laughing.  I can't promise you anything like actual laugh-type sounds, but the Lafflady is letting me hang out with her on Tuesday at Laugh Out Loud.

Come say Hi...or not.  At least come say Hi to the Lafflady and read all the other posts.  They're funny. 

What was I talking about?

Oh, yes...Milwaukee.

So, since the Princess was going to be gone this week, the Boy said "Why don't you come see me in Milwaukee?" and I said "Say again?".

I thought about it and thought about it and decided what the hell, I'd never been to Minnesota.  

I leave on Thursday.  

Funny thing...when I told the Boy I had booked my trip to Minnesota, he said "You're coming to MILWAUKEE, right?!"

Of course, I said...Minnesota.

(It's a place that starts with "M" in the midwest...close enough.)

Regardless of where I end up on Thursday, I still don't know much of anything about this Milwaukee place.  Here is the extent of my knowledge on the subject:
  • Laverne and Shirley live there.
  • They make beer.
  • Wayne and Garth went to see Alice Cooper there and Alice Cooper told them that "Milwaukee" is Algonquin for "the good land".
  • They have baseball games.
  • There are giant running sausages.

That's pretty much it.

A little help here...anything to add?

Oh yah, and go see the Lafflady.


  1. WOW- I've got nothing for you. Had it actually been MN, I could have helped.

  2. yeah I've got nothing for you...

    Regarding the kid thing... i think it has to do with the number of kids you have... once you get more than one any opportunity to get rid of them is a blessing... Of course at the end of the week you're missing them, but for the week itself it's bliss.

  3. Milwaukee... Minnesota... Michigan... aren't they near Canadia? So, yeah, I been to all of them and there is no there, there.

  4. I've just come over from Laugh Out Loud. I'm not sure who the boy is, but if he is of age, I can tell you this about Milwaukee. My sister went to law school there and I would fly up and visit her often. There are some really great drinking establishments out there. So, there's that. That's all I got about Milwaukee. Oh, and the cheese is good.

  5. I can help!! Hubs is from Milwaukee and I lived there for a while. Where are you staying? What do you want to know? The East Side and Third Ward are the "trendy" areas. Check out the art museum if you get a chance, it's right on the waterfront and it was designed by Calatrava. Email me if you want more info!

  6. I meant to tell you: Got the mom tickets to any Giants game she wanted for mother's day. She just about peed on herself with joy! She grew up super-close to Candlestick Park and has been an insanely avid fan since childhood (and now, consequently, so are all of her children). We even did a little happy birthday for Willy Mays the other day (he turned 79). So, I totally thought of you as we were getting mom her beloved tickets online Sunday night!

    PS. Who cares about Milwaukee. It's too hard to spell, let alone find on a map. Wait, is that the place with all the Mormons?

  7. I know nothing about Milwaukee except that it's cold there right now.
    Those sausage people are scary!

  8. Donno, I've always heard that part of the country described as having ten months of winter and two months of rough sledding.

  9. Cbella - I'm sure that anything you have to offer up about MN will cross over nicely to Milwaukee. It's all the same.

    JP - Yah, I'm pretty much good to go now. I went home last night and it was quiet and I didn't have to watch Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Child missing over!

    IT - Isn't Canada a state too?

    Joann - Welcome! Ok...cheese and drinking. Sounds ok so far. I think the Boy is of age. You're going to see me on Dateline soon if he's not. Now I'm thinking that I need to check his driver's license...

    Cathy - Yeah! I don't know where I'm staying yet, but that seems like an important piece of information that I should probably find out. Email on the way.

    Doll - Awwww....a woman after my own heart! Love it! question on the table, people. Is Milwaukee the Mormon place?

    Salt - I totally want a picture with the sausages.

    Robert - It sounds like I'll have cheese and booze to keep me warm.

  10. They have pubs on nearly every corner. And brown sauce. Get the brown sauce. Usually it can be found at the stadium for your dogs. But true chedderheads will put brown sauce on anything and everything. Go to the Milwaukee Ale House in the Third Ward for fun live music and great beer. FYI, I'm a Chicagoan that used to party in Wisco now and then.

  11. Mmmm, cheddar. Cheeeeeese. Isn't that where there's lots of cheese? I never met a cheese I didn't love. I kinda wanna marry cheese. Maybe I will. I can. I've never been married, and my clock is tickin. Maybe I can have some kind of cheese family? I'm pretty sure that's legal in any state that starts with a "W" or an "M."

  12. OK, I thought you were refering to a cartoon character! Hey, I am Namibian,... can't blame me for my ignorance!

  13. I wish I could help you out, but I've got nothing on Milwaukee.

    Hope it doesn't suck!

  14. @ Doll Face - I don't think it could possibly be the Mormon place because they have breweries and drink coffee. Also there are only a few months that folks can ride bicycles.

    I remember now that I was in Milwaukee... once. My luggage was in Muskegon.

  15. Wow - Brown sauce. Ok. Should I ask what brown sauce consists of, or is it just better not to know? And you lived in Chicago and went to WISCONSIN to party?

    Leslie - And maybe you already live in one of those states, yes? lol

    Bitch - If not for Laverne and Shirley, I'm pretty sure I would have thought the same thing.

    Candice - I think sausage #5 could be your chainsaw murdering nugget.

    IT - Helpful, as usual.

  16. Lol. Nope. I'm in Texas. It's a whole other country down here! :)