Thursday, April 8, 2010

Washington, DC has demon devil bunnies (no really)

So it turns out that Washington DC is not all politics and old men and sex scandals.  If you knew absolutely nothing about DC and you were me and went on a trip to our nation's capital, you would think that Washington DC is really just baseball and bars and creepy Easter bunnies.

But let me tell you my story in photos...

"You try throwing a baseball like a man while wearing a bullet-proof vest...haters!"

So I did get to see the President.  Which was cool because he was the President and he gave away boxes of presidential M&Ms (I know I know, I didn't ask why either), but which really really sucked because it took FOREVER to get into the damn ballpark and I don't particularly like being watched by an army of snipers who could shoot me at any moment for any reason or because they don't like my shoes (which, of course, could never happen because everybody likes my shoes).

Pretty sure they're checking out the waitresses at the bar across the street.

After the baseball stuff, the Boy and I debated whether to see historical stuff, or monument stuff, or legislative stuff and so utlimately we decided to stop debating and go shopping.  We got on the Metro and headed over to Georgetown, which I have to say was a damn fine choice. 

Georgetown is fantastic...great shops and restaurants.  Georgetown has run out of room though and must have horrible zoning headaches.  The Boy and I stumbled across this interesting neighbor situation on the walk from the Metro station.


I'm not sure if I've ever seen a bar so close to a church, but certainly not a bar so close to a MORMAN church.  That bar must get a helluva clientele. And just to make this a 'super-fun' block, zoning-wise, the bomb-resistant Egyptian consulate is one more building down to the right.

So we wandered around Georgetown for awhile and then called the concierge at the Ritz to give us a good recommendation for dinner.  And he gave us this...

Now let me preface this by saying that I have no real issue with holiday decorations.  I think a stuffed bunny is as cute as the next person.  But when we walked into this Italian restaurant, I had a literal physical reaction to the Easter vomit that was exploded in front of us.  It was EVERYWHERE!  Bunnies hanging from the ceiling, bunnies behind the bar, bunnies in the restrooms, bunnies hanging from the walls, bunnies next to, on top of and over the tables.  The Boy took one look at my face and started to back me out of front door.  But I said, "No, I'll be brave and tolerate the scary bunnies because they have homemade pasta and Clint Eastwood likes the canoli" (food above all) and so we stayed.

Just a taste of what bunny hell might look like in your mind, were you to imagine such a thing...

Creepy bunny babies on donkey

World War I flying bunny in plane

Super creepy demon devil Alice in Wonderland bunny who is ready to kill you if you touch the desserts

And my personal favorite...

Naked Grecian statue with bunny know...for the kids

And because one naked statue with bunny ears is never enough

I am firmly convinced that this recommendation is the Ritz-Carlton's revenge for questioning their no-porn policy (and there WAS a response, which I will be writing about when I get a chance and my netbook stops being an evil bitch).

Am headed to Houston now, where I have been promised there are no politicians or phallic monuments or naked bunny statues.  Too bad, really.


  1. good luck cause they are everywhere....

  2. Hey if Hugh Hefner can make boobs and bunny ears work than so can an Italian restaurant!

  3. What? Thats what I wear for Easter. Whats wrong with boobs and bunny ears?

  4. Demon Devil Bunnies WBAGNFARB... might even be a good name for a coed softball team.
    Boobs and Bunny Ears would not.

  5. Did you order pasta in a bunny sauce?

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    Micael :D

  8. HAHAHA! I love your picture story!!!

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  9. Love the post. Your commentary is bitch fabulous!

    But I love the bunnies, especially the bad ass bunny in the war plane. I want it.

    I agree, that Alice in Creepyland thing is just creepy.

    No comment on naked Grecian playboy funny cause someone is most probably JO to it now.