Sunday, April 18, 2010

Got blog?

I want your daily blog crack.

Let me explain.

I started blogging a little over two months ago.  One of the goals of this undertaking was to find blogs that I wanted to read and authors that produced interesting and/or funny stuff regularly.

This, it turns out, was harder than I anticipated.

It’s a lot like playing “Duck, Duck, Goose” only more like “Duck, duck, duck, duck, (break to pee) duck, duck, duck, (get another drink), duck, duck, duck, (check TMZ to see what Jon & Kate have been up to today), duck, duck…OOOO great blog – GOOSE”.

There’s so much great content out there.  The number of talented and entertaining bloggers that I have discovered during my search has been heartening.  And it has restored my faith that the entire world has NOT forgotten how to put together grammatically correct sentences – even if I’m not always one of them.

There are also some fabulous blogs with the sole purpose of showcasing talented bloggers.  These are great too!

But I'm impatient and greedy and I want to find more, like, now.  I imagine that many of you would like to find more too.

So in summary, I want you do to my work for me, but still make it seem like I’m doing you a favor.

(1) Send me the 3-5 blogs that you love/can’t live without/read without fail.  You can either provide your list in the comments section or – if you’d prefer to be a little more anonymous about it – send me an email at  (If you throw a few bucks IT's way at Well, Oh Yeah!!, I’m sure he’d be happy to send in your blog for you.  He seems pretty entrepreneurial.)

(2) I will compile and publish the list of those blogs that have been reader-identified.  No awards, no self-promotion….just sharing the other blogs and bloggers who you enjoy on a regular basis.

I know that many of us visit the larger/most popular blogs on a regular basis.  You can send those too…just don’t forget the little guys!

Let’s see how it goes and maybe I can keep a running list of reader recommended blogs so that you can check back occasionally and maybe find a new gem or two.

What do you say?  Got blog?


  1. My list includes your blog... then there's Suldog
    The Checkout Girl
    Life by Chocolate
    There are more, but these are the ones I most look forward to seeing.

  2. These are some good ones:

    and of course my blog! :)

  3. Hmmm...

    Definitely Yankee Girl:

    I love Erin at the MotherLoad:

    And definitely The Girl Next Door:

    Oh, and of coure my own:) Duh.

  4. How much time have ya got?

    Okay, here are three of my fave witty bitches:

    Facts are Strictly Optional (
    What Were You Thinking? (
    Life According to Candice

    If you're not already following them, you should! ;-)

  5. Great idea!

    I won't even pimp by blog :)

  6. you will love these!

    Nikki @
    Rachel @
    Pamela @

  7. Becky @ might be the funniest blogger I've ever read on a regular basis.

    Mandy @ might be busy with her new baby right about now, but she was a huge inspiration for me to start blogging after I first stumbled across her words.

    There are lots more, but I'd put those two at the very top of my list favored list.

  8. Everyone (including you) on my blogroll on my page. :)

    I find more every day.

    Awesome idea!

  9. Well you know about Nicole's stuff

    Peter DeWolf makes me laugh on a daily basis and the book he wrote is amazing

    Hyperbole and a Half makes me pee myself some days it's so funny

    Unhappy Hipsters is a quick "lol" and a nice modern design site actually

    I Life Here: SF

  10. Whoever nominated me must be either seriously deranged or on the crack pipe. Oh! It was IT! Make that both. I'd nominate him in return, but it would seem too much like tit for tat (and I'm very low on tat, and he doesn't have... well, you know where that was headed and it was no place good.)

    I see that Knucklehead has already been nominated, so I'll just second that. Hilarious man.

    Other faves of mine...

    Magazine Man -

    He's The Best Writer On The Internet. I call him that on my sidebar, so it must be true! He doesn't post as often as he used to, but every time he does, it's a gem. I'd suggest starting with In Which My Secret Origin As A Super Villain Is Revealed found at the following...

    It's hilariously funny and scary at the same time, a tough trick to pull off. Anywhere you go after that will result in another gem. He's superb.

    Cricket -

    A dear friend of mine, and former contributor of hilariousness to my own blog, his writing tends more towards the introspective and beautiful these days, but he's still freakin' hilarious when the mood strikes.

    Lime -

    Queen of the hilarious off-center meme. An example...

    The Smitten Image - Hilary is a magnificent photographer. Sometimes she writes, but her photography is simply superb.

    There are others I visit regularly, but these folks hop immediately to mind for sustained goodness.