Monday, June 21, 2010

This break in the action is totally the fault of the East Coast and Kim Kardashian

Ok...well it wasn't completely Kim's fault, but she does factor into the story.

I'll get to that in a bit.

So I went to the East Coast last week to see the Boy.  I took the redeye last Friday to Boston for a day.  From there it was on to New York and then Philly.  I TOTALLY planned on blogging throughout the week, but, well, you know how it goes.  Stay out late, sleep until noon, baseball, rinse, repeat.

There are bits and pieces of the week that are deserving of their own posts, so I'll limit it here today to a few observations.

First, Susan Sarandon is a genius.

Sure, she's a great actress and all.  I mean, Bull Durham is like the greatest movie EVER.  But Susan is also the brains behind the greatest drinking concept EVER....martinis and ping pong!

I had heard about this in theory, but never appreciated the beauty of it until the Boy convinced me that we had to witness it firsthand.

Susan is the part-owner of a New York club called Spin.  It has Olympic-quality ping pong tables for rent, a full bar, table service and bangin' music (I've never heard Simon and Garfunkel next to techno, but, hey, it totally works).

So last Wednesday night, after the game, the Boy dragged me and my BFFFFF, K, and her husband, B, to Spin.  B was happy and still somewhat energetic because he got to watch baseball, but K and I were BEAT.  It had been a full day of shopping and drinking in the steakhouse at Yankee Stadium (an experience that is probably worth its own post) and occasionally wandering out to watch the ball game and doing jazz hands to "New York, New York" at the end of the game.  By the time we cabbed back from the stadium to the hotel, we were t-i-r-e-d.

But it was our last night in NYC and the Boy wanted to play ping pong.

And we had a blast.

How great is this?

The Boy and I - yes, I'm aware that I just hit the ball into the net, but, damn, I got moves!

K, trying to figure out how to make the the paddle hit the ball.  But she looks fabulous doing it.

There's just nothing better than booze, ping pong and a place to put your feet up.

And I learned a couple of new things about my friends K and B.  I learned that B fancies himself a professional-ish ping pong player...just like the Boy!  He and the Boy fired ping pong balls across the table at each other like blind-folded, slightly tipsy Chinese almost-pros.  B also is not afraid to fire balls at K, who, I learned, moves like Elaine Benes on the dance floor when this happens.

K and I played a more civilized "girl ping pong" - the kind where nobody gets pelted or mauled - and then let the boys have it out while we sipped on wine and vanilla milkshakes.

So much fun!  We will be going back.

So what, you ask, does Kim Kardashian have to do with my lack of blog posts last week?

Well, Kim and I were seated across the aisle from each other on the first leg of my flight home.  I could tell that she was dying to ask me all kinds of questions about my life and what I was wearing and my thoughts on achieving world peace, but she was polite and let me sleep.  She was busy anyway...looking through a massive stack of glossy gossip magazines...I assume, for pictures of herself.

One five hour flight later, she still has perfect makeup and not a curl out of place, while I have smeared make-up and flat hair.  And once she finished up her gossip magazine homework, she got to sleep.  I had to speculate to the guy next to me for about 1000 miles how he might theoretically be able to highlight Bible verses if he bought a Kindle and then downloaded the Bible.  The Bible?

So at the end of the flight...first class passengers were treated to this...


And this...


I was so traumatized that I couldn't write for days (or at least a day). was kind of Kim's fault.

At least that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.


  1. I LOVE the idea of ping pong and martinis! We have bowling and martinis, but I am a horrible bowler and I roll the ball from between my legs. I am good at ping pong, though and very, very good at drinking martinis.

    I was on a flight one time with Marc Anthony who is Skeletor, of this I am convinced and his beautiful wife at the time who was, some sort of world beauty pageant winner. I think celebrities must take a magic pill or something. I swear, by the time we touched down, my hair was standing straight up on my head and I looked as if I'd had a 3 day bender with my smeared makeup. And that chick looked sublime, all glowy and perfect. What is with that?

  2. My bowling improves significantly after downing a microbrew, however "more" is not "better" for some reason.

    The good thing about ping pong is that if you drop the ball on your foot, there is limited damage.

  3. I once proposed opening a mini-golf with drinks available after each hole as prizes for getting a hole-in-one. I was going to call it Putt 'n Puke. MY WIFE talked me out of it. We could have been so rich by now...

  4. Haha so cool you sat across from Kim. You're practically famous now!! I'm so annoyed that her makeup manages to look so perfect after a five hour flight. I had myself convinced that it took her an entire sephora store to maintain that pretty face.

  5. we have a ping pong table and need to use it more often. esp along with some cocktails! also, i love bowling and regularly do that while having a drink, too. such fun!

    was watching the kardashians last night---the one where khloe gives Kourtney a bikini wax? or is it the other way around? did you see it? i don't watch it often, but it was hilarious!

  6. I get it. I would have blamed her also. How can she perfect after a five hour flight? That is like asking to be blamed for every type of shit under the sun!

  7. Lol. I hope you didn't catch anything contagious from her. You WERE sitting awfully close.


  8. Oh my gosh. That club looks like my kinda good time!

    I would have enjoyed seeing someone in real life who has the moves like Elaine Benes.

    I'm so glad Kim was polite and didn't bug you the whole trip. That would have been so annoying. Also, she was probably intimidated by your mad ping pong skillz and didn't want to have to play you in a celebrity-ping-pong death match. Good thing she escaped unscathed.

  9. You were at the game and didn't see me? With the Phillies shirt and hat? Getting berated by the Yankees fans?? Yeah, that guy was me.

    I play ping pong too. But in my world we call it table tennis. Yeah, that game. I play it professional olympics style. No alcohol involved either.

  10. That club looks awesome! I've gotta believe watching ping pong matches played by people who've imbibed a little too much alcohol HAS to be entertaining!

    As for Kim and her perfect makeup, I would've outright asked her what her secret was. I swear, my makeup looks like your drawing of yourself after about an hour on a normal day!

  11. her makeup probably did melt a bit, but since she wears like 10 layers of it you couldnt tell.

  12. Further proof I need to get my booty back to NYC stat!