Tuesday, June 8, 2010

To iPad or not to iPad, that is the question

I'm not afraid to admit it...I have a Robert Pattinson level crush on the iPad.

I haven't committed to purchasing one yet, however, because - like Robert Pattinson - I haven't quite figured out if it has substance or it's just a pretty face.

I thought I would be immune to the siren song of this newest offering by Apple.  But then I saw it live and my heart melted.

It's thin.  It's sexy.  You can use it to play GIANT solitaire.

I could even forgive the stupid name which makes me think of this...

I'm so confused.

I could read books on it (but I have a Kindle).

I could check my emails and play games on it (but I have an iPhone...two, actually).

I could watch movies on it (but I'd have to find something to prop it up on).

I could...

I can't justify it, I just want it.

I'm so confused.

So what do you know?  Give it to me...the good, the bad and the bloody.  Oh wait, I mean ugly.  See?  I'm confusing the pads again.


  1. Just because?

    I don't know about the pad thing (I am just as confused about the name), between my phones and my laptop I am all geeked out. I am not gonna even i that pad. Besides I am a tampon bitch!

  2. Ha! I know! What is WITH that name?!? I feel like I have no need for something so giant compared to my phone. And no need for something so teeny tiny when compared to my laptop.

    I think if you want one, though, you should buy one under the guise of using it as a "pad". Then when you read the directions that don't say to tape it to your underwear, then you can use it as a giant solitaire board guilt-free. Problem solved. You're welcome.

  3. I like the concept... and definitely the portability. I am sure not fond of the idea that there is only one provider.
    What I really like is that it's not a necessity or, worse, mandated.

  4. I've been going back and forth on this also. Mostly because I would like to have a new laptop, but don't feel like shelling out all the money for a new Macbook. This would be a good lower cost alternative. Plus I don't have a Kindle.

    BUT I'm hoping for another price drop so I'm going to wait a few more months. That way I won't feel SO guilty for buying one when I really need other important things like food and gas money.

  5. I've got one.

    It's the best. My laptop feels like one of those enormous cell phones from the dark ages compared to it. I travel a lot and I keep checking my briefcase thinking the damn thing's fallen out, that's how light it is. I don't have a Kindle, so I love the ease of the electronic books, especially while on a plane.

    It's got some really fun apps, too.

    Having said that, I do wish I'd waited a bit. Only because they're improving them by the day. They'll be another one out soon with even more features than the first two.

    But, I do really love it. You can't believe how lightweight it is and the ease of it, until you try it out for yourself.

    I will say this, too. Being a writer and a blogger, I did buy the wireless keyboard. It's just so much easier to type on than the screen.

  6. I don't even own a cell, so my opinions are worthless.

    Well, they're worthless even if I did own a cell, but you know what I mean.

  7. it's amazing, i love it, and you should get it. i sleep right next to it in bed every night.

    p.s. saw you comment on candice's blog about turning your daughter into a lesbian in order to keep the male species away from her lady parts. i knew i had to become your newest follower.

  8. I have a blog about this very same subject all written in my head. I just haven't had time to put it on blogger yet. I walked into the Apple store the other day to buy a phone charger for my car. I very nearly walked out with an iPad. It was dangerously close. But I got out of there safely. And then in the morning, the dudes on the radio were talking about how great the ipads are for kids. Like leappads on steriods. I hadn't thought of that. There are tons of educational apps for the kidlets. So now I am changing my driving habits to stay as far away as possible from the Apple stores. I'm afraid to get too close...

  9. My brain hurts with all the technology available. Im still trying to master the crackberry. It looks like it would be fun, but Ima not sure.

  10. My problem is, the smaller something is, the more likely I am to lose it. That's why I have a big honkin' huge CPU on my floor. If it hurts my back to lift it, I probably won't lose it.

    ... and in case you were wondering, my wife's cell phone exists purely so she can ring mine when I need to find it.

  11. yeah i'm hating on the name more htan ever now that i saw that image on your screen ha ha.

    why do we all need so much STUFF. for reals?

  12. Sorry Jane. I know nothing about the iPad. I like my pads with wings, though.
    Good luck deciding.

  13. I too think of the maxi pads when anybody says that word! While watching old movies where the guy says "Hey let's go to my pad," I break out in giggles! Dude, you have a pad?

    Aaaaanywhoooo, my sister has an iPad. She brought it on our road trip. It was/is FABULOUS! I would get one. It does so much more than a Kindle, though you can certainly download books on an iPad -- in color! It's so much like a mini computer, you can even blog on it. I'm getting one as soon as I make some dough on this writing gig.

    Yeah, two thumbs up for the iPad.

  14. Go ahead. I'll get the next one that comes out that's newer, faster, and better in 4 1/2 months. ;)

  15. All I know is that I want one. At first I didn't, because of the whole "pad" thing being weird. But, now I want one, so you should want one too:)