Thursday, July 8, 2010

Boys are basically useless

Real boys, that is.  Tranny lego boys are totally useful.

George and I are in Southern California doing business type things before the fun All-Star Game type things commence.

George taking in the view from our balcony

This is George's entire role take in the scenery.  And to be my bodyguard.  But bodyguards don't seem to be in high demand here so he's resting.

Packing for this trip was a nightmare.  I have 3 days of business type things and then 2 days of All-Star festivities.  What the hell am I supposed to bring and how much shit can I stuff into one suitcase?

I can handle packing for the business stuff.  This generally includes things that are not ripped, stained or navel-baring.  Although, truth be told, this is California and stripper shoes might be the only real deal-breaker in business out here.  Most of the time.

But the All-Star Game is a whole different, um, game.  

This is easy, you's a baseball game.  Dress for a baseball game.

OK...I GOT that part.

So I just decided to ask the Boy what I should bring for the full 2 days of activities.  Bad idea.

Me:  Any thoughts on how I should pack for the All-Star stuff?
Boy:  Well, there will be a gala and a brunch.
Me:  Are we going to the gala or the brunch?
Boy:  Maybe.
Me:  So I should bring a dress for the gala?
Boy:  Nah.
Me: ???????
Boy:  I don't does one dress for a gala?
Me:  ??????
Boy:  It's in California.  I'm sure jeans are ok.
Me:  ??????

Useless.  I should have known.

So I packed everything.  I'll let you know if I was right.


  1. you will be right......

    real body guards are always on duty, find a new one... *winks*

  2. Life Lesson #1 For Women - Never discuss clothes with guys. As far as we're concerned, the less clothes women wear, the better. Also, the less clothes WE have to wear, the better. We are minimalists.

  3. I have a friend who once said to me, "Men ruin everything." I tend to agree with her. Your "boys are basically useless" sentiment is similar just as true.

  4. Yeah, never trust a guy to give you clothing advice, unless that guy is gay or bonafide metrosexual. Otherwise, they will let you walk into a country club brunch wearing last year's Halloween get-up.

  5. I'm a little envious of George. I want to be sitting there taking in the view.

  6. I would never ask Brent what I should wear to any event. Ever.

    You're a brave woman.

  7. Never ask a guy what a woman should wear. The first thing that pops into our brains is "lingerie" but we are smart enough (barely) to keep our mouths shut. But yes, the term "stripper shoes" should have at least elicited a nod from him.

  8. That's your bad for asking a guy what to wear to an event. Would anything he had said been a fully acceptable answer anyway?