Monday, April 22, 2013

The Resurrection of The Jane or something like that... there anybody out there (said in best creepy Pink Floyd voice)....

I just finished my Masters degree, the Princess is kind of self-sufficient, and I've run out of things that I absolutely HAVE to do.


But to do what?

Work.  Meh...ok.  And what else?

Leisure time is for sissies!

If Jane came back, would anybody read her?  Has she broken your trust?  Did she prove unworthy?  Or is she dead to you?



  1. Jane !!!! I thought the Earth had swallowed ya. I would definitely read if you came back....pretty please :)
    P.S. congrats for the Masters, amazeballs !

  2. Congratulations on finishing your Masters
    Yeah... you'll probably have at least one follower/stalker

  3. Wow, what a surprise to find out you are still among the blogging :-)

    You bet your sweet ass (I'm just supposing that last part to be true, and yes I'm still happily married so nothing is implied) I'll read you. As a matter of fact, I'm going to reinstate your link on my sidebar right now!